Thoughts on Bad Web Design

19 04 2009

In my mind, there’s not much difference between a bad web design and a bad company. I usually associate the former with the latter; if your website is shit, I’m not going to bother. I make these judgments universally — be it with a store where I am a potential customer or a company for which I am a potential employee. I will not bother.

There are four big tip-offs that I shouldn’t mess with a company. Three of these have to do with web design. The last has to do with professionalism. I usually don’t take into account how pretty a website looks. The prettier the better, but I’ll take a plain website over a garbage one anyday. Qualifications for garbage websites (and therefore garbage companies) are:

If I can’t read your website because of the contrast of colors (or lack thereof), I’m not going to try. If your website is completely in Flash, I’m not going to try. Goodbye. (You heard me right, I’ll never work for Dior.)

If your website is cluttered, I will be annoyed. I might trudge through it if I don’t have to think too hard about where to look.

If pixelated graphics are laden throughout, I will be peeved. It’s not that hard to make sure a picture fits. I would like to point out at this time that you should not stretch your graphic non-proportionally; IT WILL LOOK LIKE SHIT. And don’t use *.gif files. You really don’t want God to kill all those precious kittens.

And finally, if your website has grammatical errors, I will not think twice about hitting that great big “X” in the sky to eternally banish you from my web browser. Even if I forgive you for all the other times I wanted to gouge my eyes out, I can’t forgive unprofessionalism. Even if you don’t know how to build a website, you should know how to write. Goodbye.

I would like to point out a website that passes the readability test — unfortunately — but does not pass any other test. I won’t even forward you to the home page; how’s ’bout the About page: … Just read the first three sentences…

You can tell something’s wrong when you see /page1.aspx instead of /about for an About page.

Just browsing around the site, you can tell that it belongs in some sort of hall of fame.

I know this site got ragged on by Photoshop Disasters, but I can’t resist.

So ends my spiel. Learn from it.

Happy April Fool’s!

1 04 2009

Just wanted to quckly blog about Google’s April Fool’s Day joke… They really outdid themselves on this one. They claim to have built an AI program that has evolved to think pandas are adorable; she has almost super-human abilities. The best parts are that her blogspot locks up IE so you can’t close it, and the Google Maps with her on it have a Rick Roll on Redmond :P

Bane of the RIAA

27 02 2009

The Pirate Bay has an awesome satirical cartoon I’d like to share…

Pirate Bay Comic

Oh My God, It’s Amanda.

15 01 2009

This is probably the gayest thing I’ve seen in my life.

On a minimally related note, I’d like to point everyone to my new favorite blog, Crunk and Disorderly:
The tags she uses in her articles are so funny, I’ve begun using them in everyday conversation.


11 08 2008

I really should rename this blog “The ‘Sucks’ Blog”.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for “Insomnia (Sasha B.A. Remix)” for a while, I just found it, and I uploaded it to imeem. Turns out they already had it. This has happened to me several times, so I’m just not going to search for songs using their search engine. If you don’t know how to search sites with google already, just type insomnia sasha

And it will search imeem for that song. Ugh.

So, did y’all see the front page of wordpress? That must have changed recently. Like today. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess it looks a bit more professional. I think it’s funny… its [arguably] biggest competitor is blogspot, which does not look professional AT ALL. Yay open source!

I FINALLY Found “Train to Chroma City”

8 08 2008

I’ve been looking for this album for two years, simply to hear the song “Grey Spook (Westside Mix)” in a higher quality than I had it. Two years ago, I recorded a whole bunch of trance songs from AOL Radio (which has since merged with CBS Radio, ugh), and I got particularly attached to this song. So here it is, uploaded to imeem, and yours for the taking:

Color Box – Grey Spook (Westside Mix), from the album Train to Chroma City

Have fun ;)

Queer as Folk, Episode 101 Music

2 07 2008

I figured out whilst re-watching my favorite gay TV series that I like A LOT of the music they play on it, so I’m going to try to find as much of it as possible. I’m using Princess of Babylon as my guide, though I’ve already found out there are some mistakes (for instance, in episode 105, they have Da Hool’s “Eichelruck” as “Eirchelruck”; note the extra “r”). Also, I am using Discogs to try to help me locate the songs (figure out which albums they appear on, what remixes are out there; PoB doesn’t list which are remixes and which are originals).

If you have any of the songs that I couldn’t find, PLEASE upload them to IMEEM, then post here with the link. IMEEM has made deals with all the major record labels, so it won’t be infringement if songs are uploaded there.

Please report any broken links in the comments, no matter how old this article may be.

Here are the songs for season 1, episode 1, along with a description of where in the episode it takes place (not a copy-and-paste of Princess of Babylon). Numbers in bold: I can’t find the song. Numbers in Italics: I can’t find the specific version of the song.

1) Opening scene, Babylon: The Tamperer — Feel It [unknown remix] // I found the original and some remixes, but none of them fit this short clip. Possible candidates are “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Voyerism Vocal Remix”, “Klubbheads Klubb Dub”, “Mike Ski Remix”, or the mix from this cd. Comment if you know which remix it is.

2) Michael begins narrating who each of the main characters are, Emmit, Tod and he are admiring the men walking by their position at the bar at Babylon: Katty B. — Let’s Here it for the Boy // This is an excellent cover/remix of the original.

3) Brian is introduced by Michael’s narration, the “I’m just gonna give him my number”/”Whatchya do, write it on your dick?” lines are delivered: Junkie XL — Synasthesia // I *cannot* find this song anywhere [except a small preview]; Discogs is reporting that only two albums carry this track, but reports 11,000+ people have played it. If it ever becomes available at that link, please snatch it up with that famous Firefox addon. I thought it might have been a remix of Thrillseeker’s Synaesthesia (note the spelling difference), however that song is sung by a girl, and there are male vocals in this song.

EDIT: I finally found the song, and uploaded it to IMEEM. I also went back and put the link in the title.

EDIT 2: The version I had found was horrible, and I’m not sure what I was smoking, but the song was already on imeem. You have to have an account to hear it, however. I think all the Junkie XL songs get plagued with that — you need to sign in to hear the one I uploaded as well.

4) Justin steps onto the scene, asking an old&ugly man where to go: Ruff Drivers — Deeper Love [unknown remix] // I linked to the “Ruff Mix” of the song, but that’s not the remix in the episode. I’ve listened to the “Deeper Dub Thing” remix, and that’s not it either. The only other remixes of the song are the “Tall Paul Remix” and the “Social Security Remix”, according to Discogs. Please comment if you know which remix it is.

5) Brian meets Justin after leaving the club: Darude — Sandstorm

6) Brian and Justin make out in Brian’s loft: Full Frontal — You Think You’re a Man

7) Brian and Michael have a moment on the ledge of the hospital after Brain sees his newborn son: Heather Small — Proud

8) Brian, Justin, and Michael race to see the baby at the hospital: ?? — ?? // There isn’t any mention of the song on Princess of Babylon, as it’s just a short clip; I’ve included it here to draw attention that there isn’t any info. If you know what this song is, please comment on this post. You can listen to the segment here, it starts at 2:34.

9) Michael drives Brian and Justin home, swerves to “avoid hitting the dog”, keeping Brian from sucking on Justin: Bootsy McQueen — X-hale Slowly

10) Brian and Justin do it on the bed. Yeah.. : The Aloof — So Good

11) Michael is in Brian’s apartment picking him and Justin up on the way to work: Meg Lee Chin — Heavy Scene // I have this song, and can upload it to imeem if the song becomes unavailable on

12) Brian drives Michael in the jeep, marked with the word “FAGGOT” in pink spray paint: Robin Black — More Effeminate Than You // Youtube doesn’t have the best quality, but it’s acceptable for now. Here’s the link if it becomes available; again, use the magic links to share with us, and don’t forget to comment here with the link!

13) Ending credits: Barry Harris feat. Pepper Meshay — Dive in the Pool